HTML <time> tag is used to define date and time. It displays time value in a 24 hour clock or a precise date in a Gregorian calendar in HTML.

It is used to encode dates and times in a machine-readable way to make easy to mark or schedule your task.

It also helps search engines to produce smarter search results.

HTML <time> is a new tag and introduced in HTML5.

Let’s see the syntax to define date and time.

<time>Define Time and Date here</time>


There is only one specific attribute of HTML5 time tag.

Attribute Description
datetime It is used to define machine-readable date/time within the time element.

HTML time tag example

 <p>We open our shop at <time>09:00</time> am.</p>
<p>The business meeting is scheduled on <time datetime=“2009-02-18”>next wednesday</time>.</p>
<p>The wedding of Salman’s sister was scheduled  at <time datetime=“2014-11-19 T0 7:00-09:00”>7pm last wednesday </time>.</p>


We open our shop at  am.

The business meeting is scheduled on .

The wedding of Salman’s sister was scheduled at .

In this example, First line in the body tag defines basic usage of time tag.

Second line shows how to use the datetime attribute to provide contents in a machine-readable format.

Third line uses the datetime attribute to provide an even more specific date and time.

The <time> tag also supports global attributes and event attributes in HTML 5.