HTML <hr> tag is used to specify a paragraph-level thematic break in HTML document. It is used when you abruptly change your topic in your HTML document. It draw a horizontal line between them. It is also called a Horizontal Rule in HTML.

HTML hr tag


<p>HTML is a language for describing web pages.</p>


<h2>HR Tag </h2>

<p> HR tag is used to draw a horizontal line within the texts to sepate content.<p>



HTML is a language for describing web pages.

HR Tag

HR tag is used to draw a horizontal line within the texts to separate content.

HR tag in HTML 4.01 and HTML5?

In HTML 4.01, the <hr> tag represents a horizontal rule while in HTML 5, it defines a thematic break. CSS is used in HTML5 instead of layout attributes.

HR tag in HTML and XHTML

In HTML <hr> tag need not to be closed whereas <hr> tag must be properly closed in XHTML.